Friday, 24 March 2017

Black Halo - Sleeveless Skirt Set Style

Black Halo - Sleeveless Skirt Set Style

Boss 'Jyleana' cropped fitted blazer
£300 -

Black Halo sleeveless skirt set
£438 -  -

Yellow ankle socks
£3.24 -

Jil Sander yellow clutch bag
£398 -

Neon yellow uv acrylic fake taper
£3.12 -

MAC Cosmetics lipglass
£10 -

Thursday, 23 March 2017

When I say buy, I mean 'BUY' now!

Hi Everyone

I have been posting outfit sets I have put together to 'Twitter' and making sure  that what I am posting to there, that the items are available to buy. At the time of putting the outfits together, I make sure everything is available to buy. Anyway going through and checking to see if the items are still available to buy, especially the main item featured in the outfit before I post them, I am finding that alot of them are no longer available to buy, as they have 'Sold Out', yet at the time when I have published them on 'Polyvore' and to my blog they have been available to buy!

Everything is selling out very quickly!

So when I say buy, I mean 'BUY',ok?

I think it's time for me to go on a clip to 'Polyvore' shopping spree!

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Back On Twitter

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know I finally have a twitter account. I did have one before but I hadn't used it for a while and forgot my account details and then I stopped using the email address I signed up with, which I no longer use.

(Missing Emoji)

Anyway If anyone views my blog here and has a twitter account, my username is yourreby

You see I am already learning from starting the course today!

We are covering 'Social Media'!

(Missing Emoji)

To be Continued...

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Please forgive me,ok?


I know I haven't spoken to you that much lately, I hope you can forgive me?

What have I been getting up to? Well, I think when I last spoke to you I mentioned doing a 'Business Course'? I have completed that course and passed it! So happy about that! and have recently started doing some work experience as an admin assistant,no, it's not in a fashion related business but i am enjoying gaining this experience. It's something I can add to my cv, which doesn't have that much on it, so this is a very welcome thing for me to be able to add to it.

I am now going to be starting a 'Media Course' and I can't wait, it's two days a week for twelve weeks. I shall be learning how to create webpages, image editing, desktop publishing, adobe indesign and creative suite, magazine publishing and a few other things that I know are going to help me along the way of starting a fashion styling business. Doing this course means if I learn all these things, hopefully I won't have to pay someone to do it for me e.g creating web pages because I will be able to do it myself! Yeah!

I shall still be posting outfits I have put together and doing showcases but they will be scattered, is scattered a word in the dictionary?

Anyway i shall keep you posted on my progress.

To be continued...