Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Fashion Week Confession :-/


I'm posting this to make a confession

You know it's fashion week. I've been on Vogue Runway like there's no tomorrow, looking over the designers collections. I have seen sooo many looks from the runway that I love and have been pinning those looks from Vogue Runway straight to my Pinterest fashion page. I can not look through a designers collection and not 'Pin' them to it and when I tell you I've been pinning alot, I mean alot!! I'm so addicted to fashion I can't help it and I know there is going to be many more looks I will want to pin straight to my page. 

If only you could see what I mean, well i guess you can if you go look on my Pinterest fashion page

I have found some real gems too when it comes to dresses and I have 18 tabs of these particular dresses that I truely love and I can't bare to even close those tabs or be apart from those dresses. I want them so badly. They are sooo precious and I know I am going to come across more of these gems!!

It's like i feel bad pinning all these looks to my page but at the same time they are totally satisfying to be able to see!

Pray i don't get banned from the Vogue Runway website or Pinterest. I don't know what I will do if they ban me from them,ok?